A 50th SPS Duty Roster from Sept 1979 and at the bottom a Where are they now? section with a link to a photo copy of the original duty roster. If you can add any information, please contact me via contact link. Thanks.


Duty Roster, 26 September 1979
Reply to attn of: Msgt Cleveland , Subject: "B" Flight Duty Roster

To: All "B" Flight Personnel

Guardmount for all Weingerath, QRA/WSA Area Supervisors, Entry Controllers and Tower Operators will be held at 1415hrs, 27 Sept 79 at Building #302. Guardmount for all other personnel will be held at 1500hrs, 27 Sept 79. All personnel will have all required weapons and equipment by Guardmount time. All personnel will be armed with the M-16 rifle with 120 rds ammo. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE WILL BE CONSUMED EIGHT HOURS PRIOR TO DUTY!!

S/C-Capt Siers, F/C-Msgt Cleveland, C/P, Ssgt Steele, C/P-Ssgt Cobb.

QRA: U1-Tsgt Threatt, P1-Sgt Rigg, 1A-A1C Langenbacker, 1AA-Sra Becktold, 1B-A1C Fleischer, 1C-A1C Wilson,1D-A1C Larkins, 1E-A1C Mays, 1F-A1C Thomas A, 1K-A1C Duynslager, 1H-A1C Jacobsen, 1I-A1C Bouche, 1Q-Sgt LeClerc, 1R-A1C Taylor R, 1M-A1C Witham, 1N-A1C Jerry, 1O-A1C Vantassell, 1P-Fowler J.

WSA: U2-Tsgt Fermar, P2-Sgt Bramley, P2X-Sra Thering, 2A-A1C Gorton, 2AA-Ssgt Bankhead, 2B-Sgt Quaadman, 2BB-Tsgt Marino, 2T-A1C Ritter, 2U-Bell, 2G-A1C Munoz, 2C-A1C Rondeau, 2D-Sgt Emery, 2R-A1C-Bower, 2S-Sra Taylor C, 2M-Sra Waldman, 2N-A1C Posch, 2O-A1C Contreras, 2P-A1C Fusco.

SRT: U4-Sgt Russell, 4A-A1C Barnett

900 Area: U6-Sgt Simmons, 6D-A1C Taylor L, 6A-A1C Cooper, 1L-Sra Pohopin.

800 Area: U8- Ssgt Teasley, 8D-A1C Kreisher, 8A-A1C Camp

200 Area: U7-Sgt Lempin, 7D-Sgt Hill, 7A, A1C Whittaker, 7E-A1C Kolokowski.

Area 9: Sgt Thomas J, A1C Duck

Wenigerath: Ssgt Bolding, Sgt Evora, A1C Backus, A1C Reagin, A1C Nunes, A1C Madden

Leave: Sgt Stratton, A1C Neufer. Hospital: A1C Mitchell

Clearing Barrell: Before-Sgt Simmons, After-Sgt Hill

*Strategic Military Emergency Equipment Guard (SMEEG): Sra Pohopin

Personnel Status: Assigned, 63, PFD 60, Hospital 1


Paul E. Cleveland, Msgt, USAF, Chief, "B" Flight Security

*Note: SMEEG was an inside joke and included in the roster, definitively not official ;)


Photo Copy of Original Duty Roster 1979

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?  Do you have any info?

A1C Wilson = Andy Wilson: Lives in Massachusetts, Facebook

A1C Langenbacker Joe Langenbacker:  Instructor/Owner of R.I.D.E.

A1C Bouche = Ken Bouche: Hillard Heintze’s Chief Operating Officer

A1C Backus = Paul PJ Backus: Died in 2012 Obituary:

A1C Loosen = Mark Loosen: Died in 2012 Obituary:

A1C Cooper = Bill Cooper: Lives in Atlanta worked on the PD.

A1C Kreisher = Chris Kreisher: Lives in PA also on the PD.
A1C Duck = Arnie Duck: Facebook page
Tsgt Threatt = Robert Threatt: Retired, Facebook page:
A1C Camp = Gary Camp: Retired in New Jersey. Facebook page: