Poor Little House Sparrow

November 25, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

HawkHAWKS: Cooper's Hawk My wife looks out the window and says there is a hawk outside. I peek out the window blinds. In a moments notice, like superman running for a phone booth, I frantically run up the stairs for the camera. I try to shoot a few fast images through the window but nothing happens. Checking the camera reveals - no memory card - Ugh!

The instant the memory card is inserted, I photograph wildly, taking advantage of the opportunity but...my camera settings are off for this occasion. I open the window ever so slowly. The window squeaks as it opens. The hawk looks left and right but not up. I snap a few more photos then...the camera noise reveals my location...the hawk freezes, peering upward right at me with those orange eyes.

It sees me move ever so slight and off it flies. I inspect the remains and it was a House Sparrow that the hawk had caught.