Zion National Park

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Zion National Park May 2018

Since it was the Memorial Day holiday – which I forgot when I made the plans six months ago – the Zion parking lot was filled to capacity. This resulted in having to park in the town which was $20 in addition to the $30 to enter to park. Not the best of circumstances.

The trail I chose this day was the Emerald Pool Trail. We started at Zion Lodge to the Emerald Pool Trail to Kayenta Trail to Grotto Trail and back to the Zion Lodge.

When we approaching the Emerald Pool I heard a frog and people discussing what king of frog sound they heard. When we got to the pool, I asked the people if they heard the recording of the bull frog. The faces of shock and disappointment led me quickly to tell the crowd I was only joking. The relief and laughter from others was worth it.  From here we went to the Riverwalk Trail.

At the end of the Riverwalk Trail, the crowds were greeted by the ground squirrels looking for a handout. Someone had put their backpack on the ground unzip. A squirrel was having a field day raiding the backpack. I scared the squirrel away but no one claimed the backpack. I’m sure the squirrel raided it again later and that person will be in for a surprised to see their food gone!

Zion National ParkZion National ParkZion

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