Osprey Wings: My Favorite Photo Of 2020

December 31, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

A photo site called Aminus3 asked what was your favorite photo of 2020.

My contribution is as follows:

Picking a favorite for the year is always a challenging decision. I chose this photo of the osprey for a couple of reasons.
There is emotional investment. For years I tried to find a place where the osprey consistently would dive in one place for fish. Finally in 2020 I found a place.
It is different then the usual osprey photo. The common photo of an osprey is with a fish within its talons. This photo has no fish in the talons.
Finally, I like the body and wing position.
This is why it is one of my 2020 favorites.

OspreyOspreyOsprey wingspan

My favorite photo of 2020


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