What Makes A Good Photo?

One day, I flipped through my notebook on photography containing articles from books and magazines that I have cut out and saved over the years. As I flipped through the pages of my notes, I came across a series of topics titled, "What Makes A Good Picture?" The book is long gone but the article preserved, so the author of the idea "What Makes A Good Picture" is a mystery to me. While I was reading these articles, it served as a good reminder for me. I share this information with you realizing that I have not arrived but it is a continuing journey of making a good picture.

What Makes A Good Photo? INTIMACY

  • Intimacy: The feeling of being close and belonging together. Close or warm friendship. Emotion can be melted with intimacy.
A couple share a moment together.


What Makes A Good Photo? HUMAN INTEREST

  • Human Interest: A very broad term that is applied to many different kinds of pictures.
A photo that draws the viewer into the picture where they may linger over it rather than a curious glance.
A group of women having a discussion at a party.












What Makes A Good Photo? MOOD



  • Mood: The atmosphere or pervading tone of a place or situation.
An abandon dwelling left to neglect and decay. I converted this to B&W to reinforce this mood.

What Makes A Good Photo? CAMERA ANGLE

  • Camera Angle: Look up, down and vary your position to capture a unique perspective. Try different lens too!
This butterfly is seen from the ground looking up.













What Makes A Good Photo? SPONTANEITY

  • Spontaneity: The quality of being spontaneous and coming from natural feelings without constraint.
Keeping an attentive eye for those special moments, take plenty of pictures and you might catch a treasure.

A dog licks the face of a boy.











What Makes A Good Photo? CONTRAST



  • Contrast: Usually when I think of contrast, I think in light and dark terms but how many other varieties are there? Tall and short, big and small, strong and weak, old and young. The list can stretch for miles.
In this photo the contrast is real and toy but sharing the common element of being worn and discarded.

What Makes A Good Photo? DRAMA

  • Drama: Something that creates an instant emotional impact to the viewer. A tragedy, struggle, triumph or happiness.
An epic battle between American Robins struggling for territory rights.

















What Makes A Good Photo? LIGHT & SHADOW



  • Light & Shadow: Taking advantage of low angle light I was able to capture the suns rays through this glass of water. Although this type of photo is not everyone's delight. I found it created an interesting combination.

















What Makes A Good Photo? LUMINOSITY





  • Luminosity: Emitting or reflecting light.
This one was a tough one for me, as I think of sunrise and sunsets or light reflecting off the water. I do not have many kinds of these photos. I had to look hard in the archives for a photo for this theme.

What Makes A Good Photo? REALISM

  • Realism: Showing how people live.
A group of Jamaican taxi drivers waiting for customers.















What Makes A Good Photo? INNOVATION




  • Innovation Composition: Introducing something from a different perspective. 
My attempt at this is in this mirror at a yard sale. The dark clouds in the sky, the rays of the sun sparkling off the brass bed rails and the titled position of the mirror.

What Makes A Good Photo? CREATIVITY

Creativity: The last of the series.
..."What is creativity?" and you'll get a terrific tangle of definitions...it's offbeat and mysterious, multiple exposures, darkroom (ed. Photoshop?) trickery,...The dictionary equates creative with being original in thought or expression."
Taking from all the "What makes a good photo" subjects and wrapping it up to produce a creative photo. The opportunities are all around us. All we have to do is look and apply. As the quote from the article I saved concludes, "Don't let creativity escape you - we all have it."
Now, where is my camera!
*Revised 2012